How Local Search Optimization Can Grow Your Client Base

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is a key to every successful digital marketing campaign. While SEO has worked wonders for businesses on a global scale, it is equally important for attracting the local community. You read it right – SEO is essential to small businesses for driving traffic from local searches. It is not a tool helpful only for the industry giants. Local businesses can thrive through SEO as well. Read further to discover local SEO solutions and their value.

Local Search Optimization

The Importance of Local SEO Solutions

It is clear from the term “local” that the marketing is aimed at customers on the local level. The idea is to spread business among the people in a particular locality or nearby areas. Local SEO solutions are well-suited for businesses that operate through brick-and-mortar means of selling.

Their primary aim is to increase their outreach among the nearby communities. People resort to the internet to find stores that are near to their location. In such situations, search engines like Google display the option of searching with the keyword “near my location.” With the help of local SEO, you can optimize your business and drive traffic. If you’re a plumber in Nashville, for example, effective local search optimization means that your website will land in front of people in the Nashville area searching not only for “Nashville plumbers”, but also “Franklin plumbers”, “Brentwood plumbers”, “Mount Juliet plumbers”, and any of the other suburbs you happen to service.

This is an important technique in creating leads and driving conversions. Small businesses can increase their customer base through these local SEO solutions. Some of the key solutions to drive local traffic are discussed below.

Devise and Follow the Right Procedure

Different businesses have different SEO needs. If you are a brand new business and looking to make an impact following the same strategy as an already established business, then you might fail big time. Likewise, the SEO strategy for local service providers is very different from SEO for a national e-commerce store or SEO for authors trying to promote their book.

Local businesses demand a varied approach to search optimization. It is imperative to first understand the conditions for ranking among Google’s top results. Then, you have to create your SEO strategy with the target customers at its heart. The more unique the campaign, the better chances you have of expanding your client base.

Here are a few steps to take in pretty much any local SEO campaign:

Local Citations. Start by getting your business name, address, and phone number listed in all of the top directories (Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.), as well as any that are specific to your industry. You can also use services such as Bright Local to provide you with a list of the directories your top competitors are listed in. Meeting and beating them is a great way to give yourself an edge in the local SEO race.

Social Media. Create business accounts on all of the most popular social media networks. List your name, address, and phone number on these when possible and post at least weekly to begin building some relevance with local audiences. Social media is a great way to share your blog or announce special events and deals.

Local Blogging. Show Google and the other search engines that you are a local business by publishing regular blogs that are relevant to the area. The well-known “silo strategy” is ideal for local search optimization. This involves supporting a single long-form pillar post with several shorter support posts. For example, a local real estate agent might post an article on “How to Buy Your First Home in Boston”, and then support it with posts such as “Family Fun in Boston”, “Top Boston Restaurants for Foodies”, and “Must See Museums in Boston”.

Once you are through with the strategizing process, implement it right. Failure in execution puts all your efforts to waste. It is, therefore, important to put your plan into action in the best possible ways. Follow the roadmap you have drafted and keep a complete track of the progress that you make. It will help you improve and advance your business reach.

Local Search Optimization

Create a Personal Network

Network creation is a vital aspect of local SEO solutions. To begin with your local SEO campaign, you have to choose your close associates as the target customers. Networking is a digitally advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing. Use your personal networks as the springboard for reaching more and more customers. This might be a slow process, requiring sincere efforts for convincing initial clients. But once it triggers, your SEO campaign will flourish.

Some common ways of creating your own network are via referrals and workshops. With the use of the former, you can attract prospective customers through people’s personal opinions. The latter facilitates your direct interaction with the target market, thereby, increasing your chances of campaigning.

The bigger your network, the more people will share your content online, and thus the more authoritative and trustworthy your business will be in Google’s eyes. And when Google trusts you, ranking follows.

The Impact of Local SEO

There are multiple benefits of an optimized website. With the help of local SEO solutions, you increase your discoverability among people, especially the locals. It is also helpful in communicating all the important information regarding your business. You have the option to stand out among other businesses in the target region. In the end, SEO generates leads and results in conversions. The most lasting impact of local SEO for a business is the growth in customer base and enhancement in revenue.

After a thorough read about the ‘what’ and the ‘why,’ the first step to begin your campaign for local SEO is to look for a proficient digital marketing team that can do the job for you. NewApps Agency specializes in white hat SEO techniques that are long-lasting and growth-minded. We don’t use cheap tricks for short-term rankings, and our local SEO solutions are ideal for new businesses and established ones alike. Whatever your local SEO goals are, give us a shout and let’s talk about how we can help grow your client base.