How to Explain Rank And Rent Website to Your Boss

In the world of modern business, a strong online presence is imperative for companies of all backgrounds and sizes. By now, you should be very aware that ranking highly on platforms like Google and Bing is central to a strong web game. As such, SEO (search engine optimization) should be a high priority for all small local companies. There are many ways to achieve great results in this field, but the rank and rent website model is undoubtedly one of the best.

rank and rent website


Anyone that has conducted any level of research into gaining online visibility has probably come across this term. Perhaps you’ve read articles about other companies that have benefited from the model. Or maybe a friend or relative that has seen the rewards first hand. But how can you sell the highly rewarding process to your boss?   

Here’s all you need to know.

The Rank & Rent Website Process

In many ways, the rank and rent website model is the natural evolution for both SEO experts and those who want to acquire their help.   

In its most basic form, the process relies on professionals creating websites before optimizing them to rank highly on Google. From there, the owner will rent the site out to a local company at a cost.

This can be done on a monthly basis or related to business leads. Either way, the SEO expert will have already found and targeted a niche market before monetizing their product.   

In some cases, the rank and rent can become a rank and sell process instead. Most commonly, though, rentals are the preferred method.   

Our Service

Our team of experts takes great pride in creating websites with SEO tailored to a whole host of niches and demographics. We have something for virtually all modern businesses.

We deliver our products by using overlay technologies. Without getting technical, this means that an add-on can be overlaid on your company’s website.

That means you gain all the SEO benefits without losing the domain and design features. The installation process is very quick too, allowing beneficiaries to see the rewards immediately.

The Benefits Of Rank & Rent Websites

From the SEO experts perspective, the benefits are simple. Firstly, they have an opportunity to retain ownership over the site address. Secondly, once the product has been optimized, it is ready to monetize.

Ultimately, this allows them to work on their schedule and avoid client frustrations. Moreover, it provides the professional a chance to do what is best rather than working to a brief that will only ever bring restricted results. 

The benefits for the SEO expert are good, but the rewards for small businesses are even greater. Here are some of the most telling features: 

1. Low Cost

Many small businesses simply don’t have the budgets to compete with bigger companies in traditional SEO strategies. Renting a website that is already blessed with the attributes for success allows the business to gain the rewards without the big outlay.   

Those savings can then be used for other aspects of digital marketing or improving other aspects of the business. Either way, the increased value of money is something that all business owners should see as a hugely positive factor.   

2. Instant Results

When hiring an SEO expert, many businesses expect to see immediate progress. While shooting up the rankings quickly is possible, scoring a first-page result is unlikely for some time. As such, it could be some time before the company starts to gain increased revenue.    

Conversely, the rank and rent model means that sites are essentially good to go. Following the simple adaptation of content, the renting company can start to reap the rewards instantly. Given that time is money in business, this is undoubtedly one of its great selling points.

3. Greater Results

In addition to increased speed, most small businesses will find that this model produces far better results too. By renting a website that is already geared towards your niche audience, you’ll be guaranteed to see optimum results. Using the outdated traditional forms of hiring SEO experts doesn’t offer the same reliability.   

After all, a lack of communication could lead to the wrong methods being used. By having the proof in front of your eyes before you’ve even started, there can be no ambiguity about what the short and long-term benefits will be. 

4. It’s Easier

When opting for the more traditional approach, most SEO experts are dedicated to satisfying your needs. As such, they try to work with the client. From the perspective of the business, that means playing a more active role. This can consume time while it also opens the door to inaccuracies. 

By renting a product that’s essentially ready-made, every aspect of the process becomes easier to manage. Instead, the company can focus solely on enjoying the rewards.    

5. Reduced Commitment

The fact that you can rent a website on a monthly basis should not be ignored either. While you’d like to think that the online migration or revamp will bring progress for the company, there are no guarantees. Ultimately, a strong web presence is only one of many contributing factors. The harsh reality is that things could still go wrong. If they do, the business will be far happier that it hasn’t committed itself to an ongoing deal.

Essentially, it reduces the risks significantly. This is something all responsible business owners should be eager to achieve. Therefore, it makes the rank and rent model particularly attractive.   



In the fierce world of SEO, small businesses have a huge responsibility to grab hold of every possible advantage. Switching from the outdated methods to a rank a rent model can transform the approach to web visibility forever. It’s quick, easy, and far more affordable than the traditional alternatives.

For any small business looking to get on the first page of Google in their chosen niche, this is the only solution for optimum results at the best prices. If your boss can’t comprehend those incentives, there is a major issue.