How To Become An Expert On White Hat SEO Link Building?

Today we are going to talk about white hat SEO link building. It was once considered as dead. However, it is proving itself as the core part of any SEO strategy. If you do not have any idea about it but wish to become a white hat SEO link building expert, then you need to commence working on it before it is too late.

Link building or you can call it the practice of creating backlinks on your website, it is Google’s fundamental criteria for choosing which sites to rank on top and which sites to rank where no one can find them.

So for ranking your site higher on Google ranks, you need to create backlinks, and for that, you need to become a white hat SEO link building expert. How to become one? Let’s discuss!

SEO link building

White Hat SEO Link Building

Before going ahead, you need to have a complete idea about link building concept. As mentioned above, it was earlier thought as dead, but they were all rumors.

As we all know, SEO is continuously changing and shifting. Hence, the ranking requirements have not been fixed for long, and SEO experts need to remain up to date with developments.

According to the latest algorithms, link building is the number one factor apart from the content. So, it means that it is not possible to rank on the top these days without link building or useful links.
So, a white hat SEO link building concept is not difficult. It only demands some research from you to become an expert in link building.

Take links as votes in election or parameter of your popularity. So, as much as you get links on your website, the more popular your site will become according to the logic of search engines.
Right now, search engines examine and analyze linked sites as reliable sources. It is by some people that are connecting to a source. After investigating, search engine decide whether to display it or not, and at what rank.

Subsequently, this link building process creates a network of trusted and authoritative sites in a particular system. It comes in white hat SEO that sites give backlinks to their similar sites. It is entirely legitimate in white hat SEO practices.

Things To Know About Becoming Link Building Expert

First, you are required to know how search engines use the links. It might strange to you that different links have the other kind of value. So, are not all the links are same?

The answer is yes, and the answer is no as well. All link are same in a sense that they redirect a user to another site or page. Now the similarities stop at this point.

It all depends on priority. If your site has a higher domain authority and it is popular, then links on that website will weigh more compared to a more obscure website.

Furthermore, if your site is local or micro niche popularity, then it could work better than general websites with less focus. Remember, do not underestimate the strength of anchor text. It is one of the best signals a search engine can crawl. So, the more backlinks directed towards a specific page with specific keywords can help your website rank.

Additionally, there are other factors to consider as well, like the neighborhood of your links (a website links to another site and vice versa, the search engine can decode this). Also the social media sharing, these are the crucial things when we talk about on-page SEO.

Tips To Become White Hat SEO Link Building Expert

When you build backlinks, two things can happen. You can either make top-quality links which allow you to pat yourself and watch the traffic reaching the sky or it does nothing because of bad strategy. Google may also penalize you because of your cheap quality links. Here are the tips for you:

  • See What Others Are Doing

You need to research and observe what is working for others and especially for your competitors. For competing with sites that are on high ranks of search engines, you need to play the same as they are playing.

There are many tools which allow you to search different sites and witness which natural backlinks they are using. If any of them have an inbound link coming from the same website, then it is your source too to get the link

  • Business Relationships

When you decide which websites to target, you need to begin developing relationships with those companies.

First, they will take you as spam, and probably they will ignore your requests because they do not know you. How to cope with it? Get noticed by involving in similar communities.

You can find any website’s contact information on their website. You can start interacting by introducing yourself and giving some valuable information to their staff. You will get noticed probably when you provide something useful for them instead of a conventional cold pitch.

  • Guest Posting

If you write a guest post on similar sites to your niche, then you can portray yourself as an expert on the specific subject.

Before talking with the editor of the website, comprehend the tone and voice of the site. Read the ‘write for us’ guidelines and conditions, then come with something that fits within the section.

Now to utilize it as the white hat SEO strategy of link building, you should include links to your content on different anchor text. So, this will send a message to Google crawler that your website is relevant for the specific keywords.

  • Comment On Relevant Blogs

Commenting on blogs or website is perceived as spam. However, it should not be. Comments are an excellent way to promote your content and give yourself a link profile that is natural.
It will count as spam if you begin to outsource, automate, or you are commenting on spammy websites.

To prevent all these things, you are required to explore a top-quality blog or site in your particular niche. The research may take time, and some blogs do not allow to leave a comment.

So what should you do? Becoming a white hat SEO link building expert involves in-depth searching skills on Google. For instance:

Suppose, you are promoting your accessories store. You enter the following search and press enter:

•Summers accessory trends “submit a comment.”
•Summers fashion trends “comment.”

The Google search will find blogs by keywords and blog with comments enabled on their websites.

After that, you are required to check the domain authority of those sites or blogs at Ahrefs, or you can you use other sites.

So, after identifying blogs or sites which are worth giving your time go forward, paste a link in their comments section.

They may approve your comment or not. All blogs have usually enabled the comment moderator. Therefore, you have to get the approval of the owner before your comment goes public.

Do not just paste the link and not say a word. It will not get you where you want to go. You should fill all the necessary information like your name and email address.

You should read the article and select one point in it that is relevant to your link and then elaborate it.

So, if your comment gets noticed, the blog owner may even share it on social media. Thus, a relevant comment will get approved and may appear in the different place as well. All in all, a simple, thoughtful, and relevant comment might get a good reaction and results in generating traffic on your website and increase in engagement on social media.

  • Find The Dead Links

A sudden “Page not found” appearance will make you frustrated. However, if you want to become a white hat SEO link building expert, then you can utilize this opportunity for yourself.

So, whenever you see a broken link on any website, you can contact the site owner and tell him about the dead link on his site. You should offer another link directed towards your site.

To get success, you can explain to the owner that why the broken link is not suitable for their website traffic and how readers will get benefit from your content.

  • Social Media

Everyone is aware of the fact that social media contains significance for the ultimate search results. If you obtain backlinks through social media, then it will send a message to Google crawl that your blog content is actively shared on social media by individuals and it is reliable.

Enable your social sharing buttons everywhere. If your site is user-friendly, then it will help your readers to scroll and share easily. So, when Google witness that a specific blog or post is getting shares on social media, it does not only indexes the page but also send it to search quality rankers to check why. Now, this is how pages get on the first page of the Google.

Summing It Up

So, it was all about how to become an SEO link building expert. As we discussed, backlinks are the predominant part of developing your presence online and proving Google that your blog or site is reliable and authoritative.

To be honest, it requires commitment and some time, but it is not entirely hard to become a pro. So, if you have any questions regarding this blog, then feel free to leave a comment.