The 2019 SEO Experience: Your Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2019

SEO rules the digital marketing world.

SEO experience

If you lack the proper SEO techniques on your website, you will be far behind your competition. SEO is such a fast-paced and changing beast to master.

Are you curious to know the 2019 trends that will no doubt impact your SEO experience this year?

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Is your site mobile-friendly? Great! Now keep reading to discover your ultimate guide to SEO in 2019.

1. Long-Form Quality Content is Powerful

You need to focus on producing long-form high-quality content on your blog. It’s no longer beneficial for your business to post short snippets on a daily basis.

Instead, opt for content that contains plenty of backlinks and hyperlinks to other top-performing sites according to a quick Google search. Adding these links will make your blog content look rich with safe and reliable information that Google loves.

All of your website posts need to be detailed and at least a few thousand words in length. High-quality pages are authoritative and rank well with Google. Your website will increase in traffic because Google approves of the long-form content you created, too.

2. Don’t Forget to Include Visual Content to Have Better SEO Experience

Websites that lack visual content do not perform as well as the ones with graphics and short video presentations.

Revamp the homepage of your site by implementing a few visual pieces to catch your audience by surprise.  

A few examples of visual content to add to your website layout include infographics and professional images along the sidebars.

It may also be helpful to place a moving slideshow on the top of your homepage so people can see exactly what types of products and services you will provide as it slowly scans across the page.

3. Include LSI Keywords in your Content

One more piece of important advice? Create engaging posts on your website in 2019 by tackling SEO when you add LSI keywords.

Search engine optimization is nothing without keywords. LSI keywords include examples such as nutrition, recipes, and weight loss. These words are words that are strongly associated with the topic of your brand and article, more specifically.

Think about sprinkling a few of these strong keywords into your content here and there for optimal results. Of course, don’t overuse these keywords as that may be detrimental to your Google rank.

A keyword planner is another tool you must use on a regular basis. Planning out the keywords to include within your content can help you strategize drawing traffic to your valuable pages.

Kick Your SEO Knowledge Up a Notch!

These are just a few basic principles to follow in order to increase your SEO experience in 2019. Figuring out the secrets behind how people search can be easier than you think.

Are you curious to find out even more ways to see a boost in your Google ranking?

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